Apple's latest batch of emoji characters has emerged, and it contains one or two surprises.

Included in the mammoth "5.0" pack of icons is everything from broccoli and a brain, to a breastfeeding mom. Elsewhere on the food front, you'll find a fortune cookie, wontons, a freshly baked pie, a sandwich, and a pretzel, while fairies, genies, and wizards bring a previously missing touch of fantasticism. Familiar faces such as the gorilla and avocado have also been given a revamp.

Brits will be happy at the inclusion of England, Scotland and Wales flags — albeit Northern Ireland has been mysteriously overlooked. The LGBTQ rainbow flag has also been updated.

The previews were designed by emoji reference website Emojipedia, with the official update slated for June.

Peep the newcomers in the gallery above, and let us know how you feel about them in the comments.

After you've finished, ponder why Apple is trying to desexualize emoji.

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