This year's NBA Dunk Contest was easily one of the better ones in recent memory. Reigning champion Zach Lavine and fellow high flyer Aron Gordon met in the finals for a memorable contest that was so close that it went into overtime. Lavine ended up coming out on top yet again, after taking off from (pretty much) the free throw line on multiple occasions.

There were several perfection scores in the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest, but if you're wanting to see how they stack up to the other perfect 50s throughout history, you can now do so. The above video highlights every perfect score in NBA Dunk Contest history, dating back to 1984. MJ, Dominique, Dr. J, Vinsanity — they're all there — and of course many more.

The above video is almost an hour in length, if you want to watch a condensed version watch the video below.

And for some additional high flying goodness, check out the ultimate slam dunk contest mixtape.

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