Highsnobiety Q3 is the third in a series of quarterly insight weeks dedicated to the business behind youth culture and what makes our market tick. Head over to our Q3 hub to see the full series.

From in-store to out-of-body, the idea that real life experiences exist in a marketplace has become central to the New Luxury landscape. Yet, as soon as creatives and marketers began to fully wrap their head around the Experience Economy, the global lockdown disrupted nearly every possible form of IRL exchange.

With a rare chance to observe an entire marketplace in a vacuum, Highsnobiety’s newest White Paper "IN FAKE LIFE" takes a look at the status of “experience” in its currently broken state, with an eye toward how the IRL will one day reconstitute itself. Made at a time when the world has never been more online, this paper was fueled by research gathered from a survey of 652 Highsnobiety audience members and interviews with 11 experts from across the retail, wellness, fashion, hospitality, and culture industries.

In all of these discussions, our aim was to discover what lived experiences have taken on a new value? What actually works better remotely? Is this current version of life in our market fake, or the new reality?

For a full PDF of our White Paper, featuring polling data, surveys, and interviews with artist Daniel Arsham, Noah co-founder Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, Grand Palais President Chris Dercon, and many more, download at the link below.

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