Milan Design Week is just around the corner, and for those who will be perusing the various palazzos this year, one event that can’t be missed is FAY’s presentation of their collaboration with Italian artist Pietro Terzini.  

Terzini is an accomplished creative who has made a name for himself by blending the innovations of contemporary art with his global social media presence to create social commentary artworks.
His trademark balance of simplicity and irony was inspired by the vibrant tapestry of modern pop culture. His early fascination were many—basketball, namely the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan; streetwear icons like Evisu and BAPE; and his academic pursuits in architecture and economics.


Terzini's journey is marked by a diverse array of influences that converge seamlessly in his eclectic artistic style. Leveraging platforms like Instagram, he challenges the conventions of mainstream culture through witty slogans and provocative photomontages, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of consumerism and love in the digital age. Today, Terzini has emerged as a trailblazer within the contemporary art scene, navigating the nuances of modernity with his irreverent wit and insightful commentary.

In his collaboration with FAY, he introduces the mantra "Big dogs don’t bark," reflecting a shared philosophy with the brand: a subtle confidence that speaks volumes amidst a noisy world. Together, they aim to redefine contemporary style with a nuanced approach, favoring refinement over flamboyance.

Terzini describes his approach as simple yet effective, aiming to connect with a wide audience through stripped-down creativity. “What I do work works insofar as it’s simple, so I try to remove levels of complexity. I’d like my creativity – whether it’s a leaf, a picture, a product – to reach as many people as possible and speak to them. A thing really works when it’s photographed, posted. I like to think I’m providing an alternative tool for communicating, for carrying a message.”

The Pietro Terzini for FAY capsule collection showcases his unmistakable touch, which feature pieces adorned with the iconic Newfoundland profile and his signature phrase. Each item, from Shirt Jackets to sweatshirts and baseball caps, exudes a sense of refined rebellion, blending classic hues with modern flair. 

While the new collection represents the start of a new era for FAY, it's without question that the new capsule collection will pair perfectly with the brand's existing items, namely their iconic luxury outerwear

FAY, founded by Diego and Andrea Della Valle in the 1980s, embodies authenticity and craftsmanship inspired by the rugged elegance of American firefighters' jackets. Originally focusing on technical apparel for fishermen and firefighters, Fay underwent a revival when the Della Valles recognized the functional prowess and visual allure of these garments. Today, Fay stands as a symbol of timeless style, seamlessly translating the essence of the firefighter's jacket into urban wear and garnering a dedicated following worldwide. From its iconic Fay 4 Ganci pieces to the latest additions, Fay's collection epitomizes enduring quality and understated elegance.

The collection will only be available in limited quantities, making this capsule collection that much more exclusive. FAY fanatics can purchase pieces through FAY's website here or select boutiques in Milan and Rome. 

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