Jerry Lorenzo communicates his most comprehensive vision to date with Fear of God's "FOURTH COLLECTION." Lofting up the principles that Lorenzo initially founded the label on, we see a continuation of the fabrics, silhouettes and layering that Fear of God has become known for, including a heavy dose of flannel as well as more of the brand's signature bomber jackets.

New up for this season, the Los Angeles-based imprint introduces a range of denim products, including jeans, jackets and even a denim overcoat, which is surely one of the highlights of the drop. More experimentation with textiles and cuts can be witnessed through the select use of textured fur-like fabric and traditional shirting material, for a strongly punctuated end result.

Watch the "FOURTH COLLECTION" campaign video below.

Now check out some coverage from Fear of God's showcase of "resurrected" vintage T-shirts at Chicago's RSVP Gallery.

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