Feld & Volk Atelier has made a name for themselves in the space of luxury gadget modification. Tightly distributed around the world at some of the best concept stores, they present luxurious customizations of today's most popular tech gadgets, with Apple's iPhone being a focal point.

The newest addition to their collection is the Double Carbon iPhone 6. Although we come across a lot of interesting customization options, the original dimensions of the device and the signal quality are often compromised in the process. Not so with Feld & Volk's latest iteration, which delivers an entirely unique look while maintaining the integrity of the mobile wonder. In addition, Apple's former logo appeals on the back, for an interesting juxtaposition of old and new.

Due to the complexity associated with working with carbon fiber, the bespoke iPhone comes with a steep price - $7,200 to be exact (UPDATE: the price has been set to $5,600). Head to the atelier's website for more information.

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