Cult Italian denim label Fiorucci is back! The iconic denim brand once synonymous with the downtown set and the glitter-soaked dance floors of NYC’s disco days is reviving its off-kilter, youthful irreverence for a new generation.

The brand’s late founder Elio Fiorucci was one of fashion’s original, polymathic visionaries. It was Fiorucci who set the blueprint for an interdisciplinary approach to fashion today, while quietly inventing the skinny jean among other a slew of other fashion firsts.

In fact, fashion folklore says the designer’s eureka moment unfolded on a beach on Ibiza, where he saw a girl in tight, wet jeans and liked the way they fit and went on to introduce stretch denim to fashion.

Elio Fiorucci was also one of the first designers to inject the fashion show with some theatrical zeal, too. The brand’s New York store quickly came to be known as the “daytime Studio 54" and collaborated with artists like Keith Haring and Antonio Lopez. Fiorucci has since come to embody the carefree sexiness of a bygone era.

Talk to any seasoned fashion fanatic and you’ll likely hear a story about a holy expedition to a Fiorucci store in New York, Milan, London, or Beverly Hills. Long before the rise of today’s contemporary concept stores like colette or Dover Street Market, destinations which are known for daring edits and creative visual merchandising, it was Fiorucci who pioneered the very idea of a concept store. The brand was the first to mesh art, pop culture, music, and celebrity into one immersive, physical experience.

Now, the newly re-launched Fiorucci is set to open its first new store in more than 20 years in London’s Soho district in September, and it will no doubt be an ever-evolving cultural playground. To prime the senses, the brand has just launched a pop-up in London’s Selfridges and it’s a modern expression of the brand’s iconic history.

Fiorucci fans will be able to shop a selection of archive hand-painted denim jackets, along with classic logo bombers, sweatshirts, and T-shirts, and customers will even be offered free personalization.

Finally, Fiorucci’s distinctive legacy is getting the contemporary remix it deserves.

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