Five Four has joined forces with United Arrows & Sons creative director Poggy for an exclusive 93-piece collection. The Spring 2017 capsule in turn finds Five Four’s head designer Mark McNairy working alongside Poggy on an assortment that encompasses a Japanese aesthetic for the modern, American man.

In speaking on the collaboration, Five Four co-founder Andres Izquieta, having traveled to Japan for over 10 years, had this to say: “Japanese style has always been at the forefront of fashion, setting the trend for almost every market and we wanted to bring this influence into our next designer collection. For us, there was no one better to do this with than Poggy.”

Co-founder Dee Murthy then wen on to add, “We are thrilled to introduce Poggy and this new collection to our members in February. We always strive to excite and surprise both our monthly members and e-commerce shoppers with new and stylish choices for their wardrobes and Five Four x Poggy the Man does just that.”

The spring collection from Five Four and Poggy consists of an array of fashionable styles including embroidered jackets, denim, sweaters, tees and shirts that provide on-the-go accessible outfit options.

“I want to start a movement in fashion by combining different elements to make pieces that transcend trends,” says Poggy on staying ahead of what's in and bridging the gap between street and runway style.

The Poggy x Five Four Spring '17 capsule is available beginning today.

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