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As we’re in between seasons right now, the weather can be a bit unpredictable — it’s cold in the morning, either sunny or rainy during the day, then back to chilly at night. This makes choosing the right layers a lot harder than it should be. But, thankfully, the windbreaker is here to save the day.

Made from wind-resistant (hence the name) and breathable materials such as nylon, windbreakers are usually packable and super-lightweight — sometimes as light as three ounces — and they tend to retail for less than rain jackets, fleece jackets, and hardshell jackets. While they’re not generally waterproof, some options come with durable water-resistant (DWR) coating, making them the perfect alternative to rain jackets.

When it comes to affordable options, Nike, adidas, and Patagonia have long been the go-to brands, with highly-performant options that won’t break the bank. Still, high-end streetwear and luxury brands alike have been releasing their own versions in recent years, with options that are not only functional but extremely stylish, too.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect jacket in these unpredictable climes, here we’ve made your shopping experience that bit easier and gathered some of our favorite windbreakers available online, with options for every budget. Standout pieces include wallet-friendly colorful jackets from Uniqlo and Nike, waterproof options including a DWR-coated Patagonia windbreaker and GORE-TEX jacket by The North Face, as well as more fashion-forward offerings from Heron Preston and A-COLD-WALL*.

View all of our picks below.

Under $100

Pocketable Track Top






Hooded Woven Anorak



Novelty Cyclone 2.0

The North Face


Under $200

The Pack Windbreaker



"Swoosh" Windbreaker



Houdini® Air Jacket



Terrace Pullover

Carhartt WIP


Under $500

Solano Hoody



Apex Flex GTX® Anorak

The North Face