If working from home has become an exhaustive mental routine, you’re likely not alone. Personal and professional boundaries have been blurred like never before during this collective WFH experiment, which could lead to burnout and eventually stifle creativity.

That’s why Fiverr, the freelance platform for creators, is launching ‘Other Angles’ — a capsule collection of office essentials co-created with Brooklyn-based Bi-Rite Studio designed to spark creativity whether you’re working from home, the office, or somewhere in between. Each item in the collection is meant to help freelance or full-time creatives adapt to a new working world that’s been in a constant state of flux over the last year and a half.

The best part? The capsule is co-created by talented creatives from the Fiverr platform, with freelancer involvement in everything from the product and packaging design, copywriting, creative strategy, and more. The six-piece collection includes items like a mood board to organize your thoughts, a convertible drafting desk to maximize productivity, and a balance ball to improve stability and strengthen your core while working. A desk mirror, bifurcated notepad, and an inspiration card deck with dozens of creative prompts for those stuck in a rut round out the capsule.

Bi-Rite's previous work includes this collection of capsule mirrors.

While the collection won’t be available until October, explore early renderings of the capsule above and head to fiverr.com to learn more about the freelance services that are bringing this project to life.

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