To the delight of many, Thanos has become Fortnite’s latest playable character, and despite the many in-game perks one might expect to associate to such a character, all players seem to be able to do is make him dance (and understandably so).

Having birthed a new favorite meme amongst adoring Marvel fans, video editors have begun putting clips of the dancing Thanos into various scenes from a variety of the franchise’s most recent productions. Be it Twitter or Reddit, the internet has risen up in true form to mock Fortnite’s latest addition.

Flaunting a number of dances synonymous with not only today’s culture, but with trends from the past, namely Carlton’s world-renowned, Tom Jones-backed Fresh Prince of Bel-Air boogie, it’s understandable why “Dancing Thanos” has become a hit across the Fortnite landscape.

In light of this, we have rounded up our favorite “Dancing Thanos” memes from across the web for you to check out below.

Boogie bombing everywhere

Who did it better?

Anywhere, any time

Those moves are also deadly

And be sure to check out the following video for a thorough breadown of all the moves in the new Thanos Fortnite arsenal.

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