As the esports industry is absolutely booming, LA-based startup PlayVS is making history by bringing one of the most popular video games in the world, Fortnite, into high schools and colleges. The company has partnered with Epic Games to turn Fortnite into an official high school and collegiate sport, TechCrunch reports.

PlayVS, which launched in April of 2018, has joined with the NFHS, essentially the NCAA for high schools, to allow schools to pay $64 per player to participate in a league with neighboring institutions, similar to traditional sports.

More than 13,000 schools have already applied to get a varsity esports team through PlayVS. In comparison, a little over 14,000 high schools in the country have a football program.

TechCrunch points out that while the NFHS has a relationship with the NCAA, they have not signed a deal centering around esports. This means that PlayVS must go directly to individual colleges to offer their program.

PlayVS not only has a current partnership with the NFHS, however. The company is also working with actual publishers so it can't be shut down by owners of the IP of a game. Such a partnership gives PlayVS a decisive advantage over competition.

As result of the deal with Epic Games, all players have to do to participate in sanctioned Fortnite competition is sign into PlayVS and log into their scheduled match. When a game is finished, PlayVS gathers the stats, which are then made available to players, coaches, fans, and recruiters.

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