Last night, Frank Ocean hosted his inaugural PrEP+, an exclusive queer club night in New York's Cityclub. House rules included: no photos or videos allowed. Yet, in true 2019 fashion a few clips from the event have made their way online. Excitingly some videos capture what appears to be new music from the elusive artist.

During the night, Ocean himself appeared behind the decks and debuted "at least two new songs" according to witnesses. The synth-heavy songs hint that new music could be heading our way. Frank Ocean even recently spoke out about working on new music which draws heavily on the club scene and nightlife. Check out snippets of the new tracks below.

Since the event, Ocean has received backlash for the party, as some feel that he is merely promoting the biotechnology company, Gilead Sciences, that is responsible for PrEP. For those unaware, PrEP refers to the use of antiviral drugs as a means for HIV/AIDS prevention. Ocean took to his Tumblr to clear the air, insisting his nightclub, PrEP+, is not funded by Gilead Sciences.

"In 2019, there’s a pill you can take every day that will at a better than 90% chance prevent you from contracting HIV. This pill was approved by the FDA in 2012," he said. "The pricing strategy behind it is malicious in my opinion and so it’s public perception is marred and rightfully so. But the fact remains that despite price being a very real barrier to this potentially life saving drug for some, the other very real barrier is awareness."

He went on to add, "I decided to name, what was otherwise going to be a night of lights and music inspired by an era of clubbing that I loved PrEP+ because while designing the club which is inside of an old glass factory basement in Queens (shoutout to The Basement that runs a very awesome techno night on Fridays after us) I started to imagine in an era where so many lives were lost and so much promise was lost forever along with them, what would it have been like if something, anything had existed that in all probability would’ve saved thousands and thousands of lives."

Ocean continued by stating that he is happy people are talking about PrEP in general. "Thank you to everyone who came out and danced with us last night. Y’all were beautiful and the energy was right!," he concluded.

Head here to read Frank Ocean's entire response to the PrEP+ backlash.

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