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Warning: this article contains light spoilers for the fifth episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ season eight, “The Bells.”

As the now-infamous “Starbucks-gate” saga demonstrated, Game of Thrones fans are eagle-eyed and unusually vigilant in spotting inconsistencies in the show.

Shortly after Sunday night’s episode “The Bells” aired, an image started circulating that showed Jaime Lannister’s missing hand — very much intact — as he embraced Cersei in the burning Red Keep. Of course, fans will know that Jaime lost his right hand back in season 3 and has since worn a gold prosthetic.

TMZ originally reported that the original hand was present in the actual episode, and many fans on Twitter assumed the image was a still from the show. However, as Buzzfeed points out, the mistake was actually in the promo images for “The Bells,” and the image in question was mistakenly uploaded.

Either way, some fans were not happy with the mix-up, see the reactions below.

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