The hype surrounding the Parisian fashion collective Vetements may be showing no signs of slowing down, but now there's a new kid on the block. Born on the dancefloors of Berlin's hedonistic nightclubs, GmbH is the German city's hottest new menswear brand.

Serhat Isik and Benjamin Alexander Huseby and their large and diverse community of collaborators came together to create GmbH (In German, a company of financial limited liability – the equivalent to "ltd." or "Inc.") just three months ago. The energy and attitude of the scene in which it was founded is laced into its clothing – a selection of vests, tight tees, PVC trousers and bulky leather jackets created using deadstock from a high-end factory in Milan.

Dazed Digital sat down with the pair to discuss what the brand means and stands for, how they would describe its clothing, and how their brand fits into the fashion world. Check out some snippets below.

Why is the idea of a collective important to you?

Benjamin Alexander Huseb:

It’s very important to us that our work reflects our community and our everyday lives. That’s why also the name (of the brand) isn’t our names. It’s about creating a sense of family...

Serhat Isik:

A very diverse one! Everyone’s adopted, everyone’s allowed to be different...


In the gay community, it’s very important that you create your own family because your life doesn’t fit into traditional family structures. Also, in Berlin people come from all kind of places, and are far away from their original families… We’ve met most of our family through the techno scene here in Berlin, from going out, music and parties.

What inspires your brand?


Well it’s very much from living in Berlin. And our varied origins too – Serhat’s Turkish-German and I’m Norwegian-Pakistani so we have this mix of Muslim, Middle Eastern, German, Scandinavian origins which I think is somewhat unique. It’s hard to be specific about how, but it definitely plays into specific garments that connect to certain things in our lives.


It’s not just us, but everyone who’s involved has a different background. It sort of comes together in the techno scene, which is very deeply rooted in Berlin and also GmbH.


I think the approach that we’re working with comes very much from the specific context of this city. Young people dress quite differently here, and approach fashion in a less commercial way, different to London or Paris.

Head over to Dazed to read the full interview, including what they look for in models, and how they would describe their brand's clothing.

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