With every print issue, we curate a selection of products we love and that connect with the issue's theme. In our most recent Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 15, "Forever Young," we explore the enduring influence of archetypal and iconic pieces and how they translate into today's fashion landscape. Featured below are the outtakes from this issue.

Whether it's the WOOD WOOD x Barbour jacket's slant on the original M65 Field Jacket or AKG headphones with today's Beats By Dre Studio Pro, or Lewis Leather's archetypal Cafe Racer jacket versus the Gucci King Charles’ biker jacket or, lastly, Vans' trademark checkerboard kicks versus the Primury Paper planes Meta shoes, the old and new are not as distant as you might think.

And while the old merch may be gone, keeping someone secretly happy, the 2.0 versions are around for you to cop, and are guaranteed to stay forever young.

The Biker Jacket 

Leave it to Gucci to pimp out a biker jacket, with embroidered King Charles Spaniels. While hints of the original Cafe Racer jacket still linger, this 21st century slant on the cult item is pretty stellar.

King Charles Spaniel Biker Jacket

King Charles Spaniel Biker Jacket



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The Parka

Barbour may already be classic, having outfitted the British army in both world wars with its signature parka, but Scandi brand WOOD WOOD, although it's been around for some time, is not as high-profile. But combined, the two make a fearsome duo, combining functionality with durability. Need we say more?

Souter Wax Jacket

Souter Wax Jacket

Barbour x WOOD WOOD

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The Headphones

When it comes to music, headphones are crucial. Whether you're a professional listening to your own beats as they bounce or simply a music lover playing tunes on the way to work, sound quality is paramount, which these new and old versions both embody.

Beats Pro

Beats Pro


Beats by Dre

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The Deck

Originally, the Natas skateboard took its namesake from the legendary Cali-skateboarder, Natas Kaupas, who cruised Santa Cruz's streets in the late 198os. This time, Prince, a legend in his own right, graces the board. Not bad, huh?

Natas Kitten Deck Re-Issue

Natas Kitten Deck Re-Issue


Santa Cruz

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The Kicks

Checkered Vans have paved the way for other footwear brands both in terms of stye and innovation. Today, they continue to embolden footwear designers, and Primury's Paper Planes Metas are no exception.

Paper Planes Meta

Paper Planes Meta



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