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Whether you’re a part-time dumbbell curler or you’re pumping iron on the reg, the fast-growing fitness industry is not short of baller equipment to kit out your home gym set-up. And while we tend to only cover flexing in the Fendi-all-over sense on the pages of Highsnobiety, today we’re bringing you some items with a different flex appeal.

Covering all bases with the coolest equipment, recovery products, and dietary supplements, we’ve rounded up the best of the health & fitness landscape for products that impress both on their spec and their appearance. Together, they form the building blocks of a covers-all-bases workout routine from home.

From kettlebells molded in the image of Marvel superheroes to the latest in recovery technology and some neatly-packaged supplementary pills and powders, the below guide has everything you need to swerve your budget gym membership and shape up in style from home.


Rusty dumbbells and a beat-to-death boxing bag in the garage are things of fitness past. Below, you’ll find everything you need for a comprehensive workout around the house, with equipment that serves a functional purpose while also looking dope AF.

In our selection, you’ll see aesthetically upgraded versions of fitness essentials, such as a leather, wood, and steel skipping rope from Berluti and Hack Design, and some insane weighted equipment from Onnit in collaboration with Star Wars and Marvel’s Iron Man.

Meanwhile, core strength-enhancing battle ropes are all the rage in top gyms right now, and the backyard-friendly set from a Californian brand we’re a little obsessed with right now, KILLSPENCER, is your best buy-in to this piece of kit.

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Skipping Rope



Heavy Rope



Death Star Slam Ball



Iron Man Kettlebell



Ab Roller

Perfect Fitness



Innovations in muscle recovery went from static stretching to foam rolling some time ago, but the next-gen in post-workout routines lies in tech. Hyperice’s drill-like Hypervolt vibration massage device is like having a sports masseuse in the palm of your hands, with four interchangeable heads and three speed settings for the ultimate post-workout rubdown. The brand has a wide selection of post-workout devices, and it’s worth also checking out its high-intensity vibrating roller and back massage device which uses both vibration and heat technologies to soothe sore backs.

Meanwhile, grooming’s place in your post-seat regime has upped the ante with balms geared towards muscle recovery. Jack Black’s Dragon Ice relief and recovery balm is the perfect middle ground between a moisturizing lotion and deep heat. As for an everyday product, Le Labo’s paraben-free citrus shower gel is the perfect formula to bring your body back to life after an intense session, with packaging that’ll also look fresh on your bathroom counter.

Massage Device



Vibrating Fitness Roller



Vibrating Back Device