houston x mayfair video
Houston X / Celine Rydge

Houston X is a young British rapper who is oft referred to as London’s answer to Travis Scott. With his new video for “Mayfair,” it’s easy to see why; both artists share a proclivity for turning moody heartbreak into seductive and spooky slow burners. “Mayfair” finds Houston being haunted in a church among other equally gloomy tableaus. Give it a watch below.

“At the time of making ‘Mayfair,’ it was just me starting to understand myself and where I belong,” Mayfair tells us regarding the track. “My inspiration was drawn from what was around me at the time. I was with people who cared about me and was with a girl who… didn’t care about me too much. It’s really me trying to express that there’s a good and a bad side to this girl, but also show how good things could have been.”

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