Photo courtesy of bodyimage

Upon finding out that one of the track titles from bodyimage‘s debut EP was called “Ghost Me Harder,” my curiosity shot up. The Los Angeles-based duo is comprised of Jordan Reyes and Cait Cole, and today we’re premiering Active Lovers in its entirety. The intricate project is sliced with seven succulent tracks that provide the most evocative listening experience. The bodyimage soundscape encloses you in a warm bed of intimacy as Cole’s morphing voice swirls while the beats pulse tenderly and enter your head without intrusion.

“‘Active Lovers’ is a special piece to us,” bodyimage explained in an email. “This record came together naturally, like a vision, reflecting intimate moments. Our hope is to bring you as close to these moments as possible.”

Scroll down to stream the full EP and stay tuned for more salivating material from bodyimage.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

Softcore tastemaker at your service.