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American rapper iLoveMakonnen recently joined Hattie Collins on PROUD, a new Beats 1 radio show that features LGBTQIAA+ guests discussing their journeys.

Makonnen discussed his coming out story, and what it’s like to be openly gay in the hip hop community. He explained why he came out on Twitter, saying that during a boat trip he realized he wanted to live his life as lightly as possible, without being weighed down. However, he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so eventually decided to just tweet it. He explained his reasoning as, “A lot of people know me from Twitter. That’s how a lot of people were first introduced to me. So it’s like, as you’re following me here, let me just tell you about myself more.”

He also revealed that Gucci Mane didn’t support “Spendin’,” their track together: “No disrespect to Gucci Mane but he didn’t support the record that we just put out together and I never got to meet him in person as well.” He continued, “I haven’t had any vocal support from any of them [the music industry]. You know what I mean? …Just like, we accept you and we fuck with you still… Don’t think that it’s all good in the hood, because it’s still not until people can man up and face themselves. Then they could face me.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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