Iron the kinks out of smartphone photography, and beef up your camera roll with these Apple-friendly accessories. We're not talking about selfie sticks.

These days, iPhone cameras are stacked with some pretty impressive features. Apple doesn't let us forget that "Every day, people take more photos with iPhone than with any other camera". The built-in iPhone 6 iSight rear camera offers 8 megapixel resolution and ƒ/2.2 aperture, and future generations of the iPhone are bound to pack an even bigger punch, broadening possibilities for mobile photographers. There is already a decent amount of shooting power in your pocket, but there are still many reasons to add some photo gear to your arsenal.

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GripTight GorillaPod

First thing's first, a tripod is a pretty entry-level item for any photographer, and the GorillaPod stand with GripTight mount is one of the more reliable and versatile options on the market. Using a third-party app like Slowshutter, you can now take beautiful long-exposure images from your iPhone,


The DxO ONE takes DSLR-quality photos on your iPhone or iPad. At just under 7 cm tall, and 108g light, the camera is small enough to fit into your pocket, and attaches to your device via the lightning connector, turning the display into the camera’s viewfinder. Despite its size, the camera is capable of taking crystal clear images thanks to the f/1.8, 32mm equivalent aspherical lens, and comes with an iOS app which allows you to control the individual settings including aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

HISY Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Apple gave an official co-sign to the HISY bluetooth camera shutter, so there must be something to it. All you need to do is connect the shutter to your iOS device via bluetooth and start shooting remotely. From group photos to tricky angles, the HISY shutter also pairs nicely with a tripod for best results.

Moment Lens

Available in wide, tele and macro versions for Apple devices, Moment Lenses will put your olloclip to shame. Each product is designed from the ground up by the Moment Lens team, in the pursuit of bringing cinematic quality images directly to your phone. As well as a lens, every order includes a phone mount, adhesive, and a protective cloth sleeve. Moment Lens products are also compatible with Samsung devices.

Piconizer Photo Storage

For freeing up storage on your iPhone while on-the-go, look no further than Maktar's Piconizer hard drive. After plugging directly into the lightning port on your iPhone or iPad, this ultra-straightforward product uses an app to transfer images from your Camera Roll, so you have more room for all the selfies, which is especially crucial when travelling.

iPhone Ring Light

Smartphone cameras are notoriously poor in low light, and where the built-in iPhone LED might have shortcomings in this department, now you can combat dimly lit environments with the iPhone Ring Light. The constant light ring is ideal for evenly-lit portraits, videos and closeups.

  • Photography:Lead Image - Pete Williams

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