Now that Apple has finally gone home button-less on the iPhone X, its engineers over in Cupertino, California had to come up with new control schemes, as previous iPhone models relied heavily on the physical button.

Opting against the on-screen control bar, or capacitive buttons, that are often seen on Android devices, Apple has made swiping the main method of navigating its flagship device. Now, thanks to the Twitter video below, we’ve got our first look at how to multitask on the iPhone X and quickly jump between apps.

The new swipe isn’t the only way to multitask, as swiping up and holding will show you all your open apps, in the same way that double-tapping the home button does on other iPhones.

Previously, we’ve seen how swiping up will bring you home, swiping down from the right will show your control center and how swiping down from the left allows you to view your notifications.

Although it’s a completely new method of navigating your iPhone, the logic behind each action seems to be well thought-out and makes for what looks like a clean user experience.

If you want an iPhone X, you’re going to have to be quick because they are extremely limited.

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