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This Friday, March 16, Samsung will be releasing its much-anticipated Galaxy S9 smartphone. Ahead of the launch, talk has expectantly been centering around iPhone X or S9, Apple or Samsung, just like we’ve heard time and time again.

As previously mentioned, early reports are showing that Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ is outperforming Apple’s iPhone X. On paper, the specs for the iPhone X appear to be more impressive, with the device being touted as the most powerful smartphone ever – but tests prove otherwise.

According to reviewers, the debate can be simplified by focusing on two areas: RAM and bloatware. While the iPhone X boasts the speedy A11 chipset, which is 45% faster than the S9’s Snapdragon 845, the X only has 3GB of RAM compared to the S9+’s 6GB. In addition, consistent software updates and new apps being implemented mean the bloatware on Apple devices is continuing to pile up.

Regardless, we’ve in turn gathered the most informative videos comparing the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ so that you can better choose which phone to rock with. After listening to the insights, be sure to let us know which you prefer.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs. iPhone X speed test

Another speed test

Yet another speed test

Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs. iPhone X camera comparison

A detailed comparison

Another camera test

Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs. iPhone X battery life drain test

Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs. iPhone X drop test

First impressions

5 ways the Galaxy S9+ is better

Waterproof testing

And the winner is…

For more surrounding the debate, we tested out the cameras for each smartphone. Follow here to see which is better.

  • Main / Featured Image: Apple iPhone X
  • Main / Featured Image: Samsung Galaxy S9+

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