Simon Porte Jacquemus captures all the most covetable pieces from his Fall/Winter 2021 collection, "La Montagne," in a new campaign celebrating familial love.

Tom Kneller photographs some of the buzziest pieces from the season — including that cardigan — on mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters across generations (Members of the Kardashian-Jenner family are notably absent).

Set against a lush Hawaiian landscape, Jacquemus' effortless, flattering designs take center stage. The gold clasped cardigan — in cropped and full-length form — makes an appearance, as does the designer's new it-dress, a strapless number featuring a carabiner-like leash that hoists the hem into a leg-baring side slit.

There's also a powdery blue slip skirt accented at the waist with Jacquemus' charming gold logo clasp, sure to appear on many an Instagram style star this fall.

Crisp men's separates — including earth-toned button-downs, sky blue suiting, logo T-shirts, and jean shorts — offer a glimpse at Jacquemus' particular brand of masculinity — laid-back, subtly sexy, not afraid of color.

As we've pointed outeveryone loves Jacquemus — your sister, your mother, your cousin. And if anyone doubted the brand's universal appeal, Simon Porte recruited an entire family, baby included, to model his wares.

Unlike Jacquemus' previous campaign (the one starring an influencer-turned-model I shall not name) these new images give the collection an air of relatability. Looking at Jacquemus-clad parents and children side-by-side, you can imagine yourself wearing that body-hugging dress or that oversized T-shirt.

Considering the collection's pricing — the cardigan starts at $280 — and its immediate availability (it dropped online right after showing), Jacquemus is one of those rare brands that has something for everyone.

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