Houston’s James Harden has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets as part of a four-team, blockbuster trade, according to ESPN sources. The trade came after Harden had expressed his wish to be traded from Houston, ending eight years with the Texan team.

Harden will be joining former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, forming the NBA’s latest superteam. The trade also involves the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to an ESPN report, the Nets traded a package of players including Carivs LeVert and multiple draft picks to acquire Harden. LeVert was traded on to the Pacers for Victor Oladipo, while the Nets’ Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince were sent to Cleveland. The Cavaliers sent Dante Exum to Houston, who also received Brooklyn forward Rodions Kurucs.

Take a look at the full breakdown below.

Harden joining Durant and Irving in Brooklyn immediately makes them one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Big question marks remain regarding Irving’s commitment to the team and how the three superstars will gel on the court. On paper, however, the Brooklyn Nets are surely favorites to make it through the East.

Naturally, NBA Twitter and Instagram were alight with reactions to the huge trade. Check out a selection below.

A lot of people focused on the Lakers’ and LeBron James’ reaction to the trade

The Wall Street Journal had an amazing Tweet

Some people joked about Harden’s commitment to the Rockets over the past weeks

But DeMarcus Cousins had strong words for how he felt about Harden’s attitude before the trade

If it works, it works...

Poor Russell

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