As a dude that’s basically good at everything, it would be easy to dislike and feel jealousy toward Julian Klincewicz. Not only has the post-millennial polymath earned a Kanye co-sign and established himself as one of the brightest young artists in the country, but he also writes, plays guitar and can skate like a demon.

Above all that, however, Klincewicz also comes across as a damn good guy, and never more so is that evident than in the latest short film he’s featured in for JOURNEYMEN — a new online series documenting the lives and experiences of young creatives. In the clip, the kid for all seasons showcases his talents, all the while spreading a positive message on art and skateboarding culture. OK, maybe you can feel slightly jealous.

Check out the clip above and then be sure to read our Julian Klincewicz Q&A from last month.

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