CNN reports that an alarming amount of male K-pop stars are being investigated in regards to an online chat which shared explicit videos of women without their consent. Seungri, Jung Joon-young, Choi Jong-hoon, and Yong Jun-hyung were allegedly part of the 10-member chat group. This information comes after Seungri, of Big Bang fame, quit the industry earlier this week following the emergence of his role as a board member of a prostitution ring at the Burning Sun nightclub in Seoul.

Jung is being investigated for illegally filming women during sexual acts and then distributing the videos to the above-mentioned group. Police are also conducting an internal investigation over reports of police colluding in suppressing evidence in regards to the case back in 2016. The singer-songwriter admitted guilt, saying "I acknowledge all my guilt in relation to the content of the talks about me. I have filmed women without consent and distributed it over social media and acted without much guilt during those actions." He then went on to apologize, and said he would quit the industry. Jung has already been dropped from his label and will be edited out of the television show 2 Days & 1 Night.

Yong maintains he only viewed and discussed the explicit content, and did not film or share it, but he has still been removed from his K-pop group, Highlight. He recently issued the following statement: "I didn't take it seriously, and I was a bystander who turned a blind eye to this serious problem that many different victims could arise from due to my such act."

The role Choi played in the group is unclear at present, but according to his management, he has currently suspended all activity both solo and with his group F.T. Island. Stay tuned here for more updates on the developing case.

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