While the likes of Billy Porter and Jared Leto brought their most extravagant ensembles to this year's Met Gala, others interpreted the ball's "Camp: Notes on Fashion" theme— inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay Notes on "Camp" — quite differently.

For example, Frank Ocean's pared-back Prada ensemble made him look like he could actually go camping. But of those eschewing the theme most blatantly, no one demurred quite like Kanye West. This year, West left the pale contact lenses and crystal-encrusted denim jacket at home, and instead donned a casual black Dickies staple zip-up known as the Eisenhower Jacket.

Given the almost obligatory extravagance of the event, such low-key outerwear was a subversive move. The Insulated Eisenhower Jacket, inspired by General Dwight D. Eisenhower's favorite WW2 jacket, is all about utility, durability, and comfort. The jacket also packs a number of exterior and interior pockets, giving the wearer plenty of space to store their Met Gala ephemera. Next to Kim Kardashian's bronze-gold custom Thierry Mugler dress, West's low-key look certainly made a statement.

And best of all, the jacket costs just $43. You can buy it from Dickies via the link below.

Insulated Eisenhower Jacket

Insulated Eisenhower Jacket



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