keith haring icon rhodes contemporary art
Courtesy Rhodes Contemporary / Martha Copper

“ICON”, now showing at Rhodes Contemporary Art, is a unique portrait of the legendary artist Keith Haring and the profound legacy he left following his death in 1990.

The exhibition coincides with the first major retrospective of Haring’s works at Tate Liverpool. Alongside Haring’s graffiti, paintings, posters, prints by artist, and a doodled pair of trainers, the show will feature photography from Martha Cooper, a collaborator of Haring, documenting his historic paintings of the Bowery wall, NYC.

Haring's now legendary style was honed in the alternative art community of '80s New York where he worked alongside the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Madonna, and Andy Warhol. He was passionate about the accessibility of art, garnering disdain for parts of the art world for his ‘Pop Shop’ where he sold T-shirts, prints and posters.

Today, Haring is one of the most celebrated and recognized street artists. The aptly titled “ICON” exhibition incorporates works from his extensive body of work, with a selection of artifacts and ephemera that provide a rare insight into the life and legacy one of the '80s most influential artists.

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