Kendall Jenner had her fans in a state of disbelief last week when she followed Justin Bieber’s lead and deleted her Instagram account. There were one or two possible reasons thrown around as to why she may have done so, but now she’s taken to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to fully explain her decision.

“It’s so crazy to me that it even became huge news like that,” Jenner told Ellen on Wednesday. “I mean, I guess I didn’t expect it. I also took my Twitter off my phone. Like, I didn’t delete my Twitter entirely but I took the app off my phone. So I had no idea anyone was even talking about it. I honestly didn’t even think anyone would care.”

She then went on to explain that she felt like she needed a little time away from the platform. “I just wanted to detox,” Jenner said. “I just wanted a little bit of a break. I’m always on it. I would wake up in the morning and look at it first thing. I would go to bed and it was the last thing I would look at. I felt a little too dependent on it. So I kind of just wanted to take a minute.”

But, Kendall fans, you needn’t fear. After admitting that she’s already felt some mild “withdrawal” symptoms after just two days away from the ‘gram, Jenner said: “I’ll be back.”

Watch Kendall’s full interview with Ellen below.

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Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

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