Last year's Le Coq Sportif x colette Cycling Club collaboration proved to be so popular that five (four new) participating retailers have developed their own unique kits for Spring 2016. Exclusive capsule collections arrive courtesy of the aforementioned colette, Slam Jam in Italy, Footpatrol in the UK, Highs and Lows in Australia, and Sivasdescalzo in Spain.

Every pack in the collection includes a cycling-inspired shirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of socks, with inspirations and color schemes unique to each shop.

For the collection, Le Coq Sportif introduces four running silhouettes: the LCS R1000 for colette, the LCS R900 for Slam Jam, the LCS R800 for Footpatrol and High and Lows, and the LCS RXVI for Sivasdescalzo.

Packs are limited to 30 examples each and will be available on April 30 from each brand partner's shop.

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