Everyone's favorite (or most hated) green beverage has transcended the tastebuds – introducing Le Labo's THE MATCHA 26.

I'll be honest, when it comes to hot drinks, I tend to keep my palette pretty British. Sling me a pack of Yorkshire Tea, and I'm good to go. Matcha is a realm I'm yet to explore, but its foamy green hue certainly gives it quite the allure.

Though the drink's taste is unfamiliar to me, I can tell you that despite borrowing its name, you wouldn't want to drink Le Labo's latest fragrance.

The latest extension of the brand's explorative fragrance range, THE MATCHA 26, embodies the feelings associated with matcha tea in Japanese culture. Taking a whiff won't whisk you away to a matcha latte-fueled rush to work on the tube on a rainy morning – instead, it promises to take you inward with feelings of familiarity and homeliness.

Le Labo fragrances are held in such high regard because of their signature elegance and craftmanship – traits unachievable with a fistful of matcha alone. Matcha tea is balanced with creamy fig notes, soft vetiver, cedar woods, and bitter orange, creating a woody yet fruity and aromatic scent.

Before testing THE MATCHA 26 myself, I had assumed the distinct earthiness of tea leaves (green or otherwise), but it was surprisingly light and balanced. If the tea tastes anything like the perfume, I'm sure it's great – but again, please don't drink it.

Le Labo's THE MATCHA 26 is available to shop online and in-store at Le Labo stockists.

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