The International Space Station (ISS) first started hosting astronauts on February 1, 2000 and in celebration of its 20 year anniversary, LEGO is releasing a sick NASA-expert approved commemorative set.

As Business Insider reports, LEGO's upcoming set is essentially a miniature version of the ISS. It stands 2.5 feet tall and is made up of 843 plastic bricks. It features a Canadarm-like movable arm and plastic solar panels, as well as modules, capsules, docks for shuttles and space crafts, and access hatches for astronauts.

LEGO's upcoming space station set will become available on February 1 and retail at $69.99. In a genius marketing move, LEGO released a video showing a balloon carrying its replica station approximately 32 miles (50km) above earth. Watch the mind-blowing video below.

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