London Fashion Week: Men's, originally scheduled for January 2021, has been canceled. Following industry-wide upheaval (in particular to the coordination of various fashion weeks due to Covid-19) LFWM will now be absorbed into the women's collections taking place in February.

Coming to you via an Instagram live on February 19, this new hybrid fashion week will follow suit from the precedent set by the recent SS21 shows. It will be a digital-first event with scaled back physical activations showcasing all seasons and genders from London.

Hopefully, it's not too soon to eulogize the event completely, but as the inaugural fashion week event of the year, and a strictly menswear-only event, LFWM will be remembered as a veritable hotbed for new menswear designers since its inception in 2012.

Many of today's well-known brands today such as A-COLD-WALL*, Craig Green, Martine Rose, and Daniel W. Fletcher were platformed in their nascent stages at LFWM before the mainstream would catch wind of them years later.

Hopefully, more new brands will be offered the same chance to expand come February.

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