It still remains to be seen when live events will be executed like we once knew them. Ticketmaster is looking to combat COVID-19 moving forward by having all concert attendees provide proof of a negative test result or subsequent vaccination, Billboard reports.

Ticketmaster's post-pandemic safety plan is still in the development stage, but the company will likely require event goers to show proof of a negative coronavirus test or vaccination anywhere from 24 to 72 hours prior to the show. Such information will be gathered and relayed using the Ticketmaster digital ticket app, third party health information companies like CLEAR Health Pass or IBM’s Digital Health Pass, and testing and vaccine centers such as Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic.

Upon purchasing a ticket, customers will have their COVID-19 test results or vaccination information delivered to their aforementioned health pass provider. The health pass company will then relay the details to Ticketmaster to award entry. For anyone worried about the vulnerability of their medical records, Ticketmaster has already come out to assure that it will not have access to anything other than COVID-19 test results and vaccinations.

The company may add additional elements to the safety plan, including a digital ticketing system to rid itself of paper tickets, and the SmartEvent platform to aid social distancing, contract tracing, and other aspects.

“In order for live events to return, technology and science are going to play huge roles in establishing integrated protocols so that fans, artists, and employees feel safe returning to venues," said Marianne Herman, co-founder of consumer interactions company reBUILD20. "Integrating ticketing platforms with the guests verified testing results is one key way to reimagine how we’re going to get fans back to live events. The experience of attending live events will look completely different, but innovation married with consistent implementation will provide a framework to get the live sports and event industry back to work.”

Visit Billboard to learn more about Ticketmaster's post-pandemic precautions.

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