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As we now know, a Twitter tribute would not be complete if someone somewhere didn’t get confused. In the aftermath of Charles Manson’s recent death – the infamous cult leader who ordered the murder of actress Sharon Tate – many took to Twitter in order share their condolences in what they believed was a tribute to rock legend Marilyn Manson.

On Sunday, Charles Manson died at the age of 83 after serving 46 years of a life sentence in several California prisons. The leader of the Manson family cult manipulated his followers to carry out several murders, which eventually led to his conviction. Last week, he was hospitalized and later died of natural causes. Twitter went full force with the “RIP” tweets and it’s just a shame some got it so horribly wrong. Whether intentional or troll, here’s a quick roundup of Twitter’s best Charles Manson/Marilyn Manson mix-ups.

Marilyn Manson – real name Brian Warner – despite his dark appearance and intense stage antics, was not an infamous cult leader. The rock legend has been very vocal in his music about violence in America. Since the release of his second album Antichrist Superstar, many called the musician anti-establishment.

Most notably in his interview for Michael Moore’s movie Bowling For Columbine, Manson retaliated against allegations that his music was responsible for influencing the 1999 Columbine Massacre. Killers Dylan Klebold and Erik Harris, who killed 13 people, were supposedly fans of Manson’s music and for which the media blacklisted him. During the interview, the “Beautiful People” singer actually makes a pretty clear stand on denouncing guns and violent culture.

Now a Twitter tribute has to include some trolls somewhere down the line. Whether or not you’re fans of Marilyn Manson’s music, or just happy that his life status has been clarified, we hope the internet gets it right next time.

Although the singer hasn’t officially responded to the mix-up, we’re assuming he’s taking it with a grain of salt. For more Twitter reacts, check out the time when Donald Trump’s account was temporarily shut down.

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