“The collection is called “fake it till you make it” commented Danish designer Martin Asbjørn after his SS19 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. "It’s about coming of age, and how you would dress to impress.”

There’s something to be said about ostentatious menswear; for the past few seasons on and off the runway, it’s been everywhere: logomania, all-over prints, flames, etc. Menswear, and especially streetwear, often goes out of its way to be noticed, to get a reaction. Martin Asbjørn’s SS19 collection went for a similar vibe, but in a subversive way that managed to be loud and attention-grabbing without needing to be so obvious about it.

Some key pieces from SS19 would be the duo-tone hoodies with double drawstrings around the hem, which were separated vertically in shades of grey and lilac, and the rectangular, loose-fitting shorts which were a perfect compliment to Asbjørn's slouchy, slightly cropped sweaters.

The collection, in a bright and typically Asbjørn palette of aquamarine, lilac, white and tan, consisted of althleisure and tailoring with a big focus on fringing and quality fabrics. The decorative threads swayed off the back of sweaters, jackets and even down the seams of pants, cowboy-style. A cap, in royal blue, with “100% Success Club,” wasn’t even trying to be ironic — like Asbjorn’s previous collections, this was about menswear that seeks a kind of confidence and runs with it.

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