Martine Rose

Martine Rose's one-time digital experience "What We Do All Day" documents various experiences of pandemic life and the styles we could wear to endure it.

Rose partnered with International Magic to stage her cyber world in a multi-story eco-brutalist building. Fans of the brand can peek into different rooms to explore the private worlds of people in Tokyo, Nairobi, London (in Rose's own apartment), Los Angeles, and Toronto, where you'll find Drake in his recording studio.

Each window shows humanity stuck in perpetual pandemic stasis (watching TV, doomscrolling on their phone) and naturally, they're all wearing pieces from the London-based designer’s Spring 2021 collection. Gear includes multi-fabric windbreakers, chartreuse dresses, square-toed loafers, tie-dyed tracksuits, button-up shirts, football socks, and some judo-inspired loungewear.

You can catch the experience by signing up here for one final viewing at 8.00 p.m. CET.

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