When it comes to Air Jordan 1's, LA artist Matthew Senna is basically the sneaker world's closest thing to a modern day King Midas. Having gained fame by casting the iconic shoes in a series of sculptures, Senna then came into the wider public consciousness when Drake commissioned him to recreate the Air Jordan 10 OVO in a stupendous all-solid gold. For some, such art might seem flashy, or even gaudy, but to others the sculptures are a depiction of how everyday objects can be elevated to take on greater meaning over time, not to mention their cultural significance in an age of materialism.

Following his work with Drake, Senna's latest project is the "STUDY SESSION 001" exhibition in LA. Here, the artist has created a multi-sensory experience featuring resin-cast sculptures of the Air Jordan 1, which takes place over four different spaces.

The first "Dream" room is cast in white and is described as a space built to evoke how we imagined things as a child. The second red space, "Study", plays on a test color theory and features a 10x10 red cube that resembles a locker room; the experience facilitated by a soundtrack of commentary from Jordan's college days. The black "Persevere' space is an homage to childhood practice, with the darkness said to emulate the late nights spent shooting hoops under the moon. And finally, the fourth space, "Achievements", is an installation created by suspending all three previous color schemes on pedestals so as they mimic trophies. This room, according to Senna, is about the celebration of the trials and tribulations that came previous.

Those in attendance were tested on their Jordan knowledge before being allowed to advance to the next room, with the experts who made it to the end then given the chance of winning one of Senna's $10,000, 24K Gold, Study 001 sculptures.

Watch our exclusive video on the event above.

And if you feel sick at not being in attendance, then indulge yourself by throwing up in this gilded toilet.



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