Medicom’s Be@rbrick is an unlikely streetwear icon. The plastic model has embedded itself so deeply and so naturally into the fabric of the scene that it’s hard to imagine the world without them at this point. Collaborating with the hottest artists and designers as well as limiting stock put Be@rbricks in the position they’re in today. We're always looking at the latest model and this time our obsession comes in the form of the Grafflex Be@rbrick.

Be@rbrick "Grafflex" 100% and 400% Set

Be@rbrick "Grafflex" 100% and 400% Set


Medicom Toy

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Korean artist Grafflex’s visual works are characterized by bold graphics reminiscent of childhood cartoon characters. These figures represent the intersection between pop culture, hip-hop, and street culture as a whole. The color-blocked illustrations, with their instant visual impact, are perfectly suited to the streetwear scene, making them a natural fit for the Grafflex Be@rbrick collaboration.

The set comes in classic 100% and 400% sizes and features Grafflex’s signature forms which jump out from a sky-blue backdrop. Whether you’re copping to hold or looking to brighten up a dark corner of your room, don’t sleep because Be@rbricks don’t have a habit of sticking around for too long.

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