Twitter user Shanna Shi has gifted us with the comparison of MLB stars and Pokémon that no one asked for but everyone needs in their life.

The side-by-side of Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Russell Martin and Igglybuff might be a bit of a stretch, but others are scarily and hilariously on point. Toronto Blue Jay Devon Travis’ ginger-tinged mane is clearly inspired by Ponyta, the fire-beards of Sean Doolittle and Justin Turner shout out Arcanine and Pyroar respectively, while Milwaukee Brewer Ben Gamel’s luscious locks would make any Piloswine proud.

Check out a selection of the best Major League Pokémon below and head to Shi's Twitter page to view the full collection.


  • Main & Featured Image Left:Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images
  • Main & Featured Image Right:The Pokémon Company

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