MTV has just unveiled a previously unreleased interview with Tupac Shakur. Dating back to 1995, the full interview follows Shakur as he walks down Venice Boardwalk and discusses a myriad of topics including the meaning behind his name, his mother's drug addiction, and distancing himself from a "thug life" mentality. Watch above.

During the twenty-minute video, Shakur candidly talks us through many pivotal moments in his life. On his mom's crack-cocaine addiction, he said, "I love my mom, she's the bomb to me. I love all of her mistakes." Asked how it was for him, he revealed, "It was hard, she was my hero," before adding that he'd never been tempted by the drug, especially considering his "father died like that," too.

Elsewhere in the video he touches on what it was like moving from Baltimore to California, the financial pressure that contributed to his leaving performing arts school and eventually dropping out altogether. He talks of childhood trauma, growing up without a father, being shot, and much more.

Watch the interview in full via the clip above.

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