Daisuke Obana's design inspirations originate from everything including insectsski resorts and even moonshine smugglers. For Spring/Summer 2016, the inspiration was typography, specifically that of 1960s American graphic designer Herb Lubalin. Collaborating with Japanese calligrapher Mikitype, Obana created a collection that continues his urban aesthetic which he's consistently delivered these past few seasons.

Mikitype's fonts and brush strokes show up on virtually all style categories -- tops, bottoms and outerwear - including the Vans collaboration shoes and elastic bracelets that were gifted to the show attendees. The Gothic font is featured in bright orange, red, purple and blue, alongside black and white checks, and solid neutrals. Seemingly simplistic T-shirts have intricate seams and folds, resulting in extremely sophisticated pieces that call to mind Jil Sander. The most standout style from the collection (which made me do a double take) is a closed-front, pullover trench (seen on slide 5).

N.HOOLYWOOD has used the same street-casted models the past three or so seasons, who tend to err on the side of weird and quirky. According to Style.com, Obana's team took to the streets of Cooper Union to cast some fresh faces this time, where Lubalin actually attended school in New York. See the looks above and watch the full show below, which starts around the 1:45 mark.

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