What does the internet smell like? Probably nothing. But that hasn’t stopped the Berlin based studio LOOK LABS from taking a stab at capturing its essence with their new fragrance, Cyber Eau Du Parfum. The fragrance will be released for sale in limited quantities on April 11th, with an NFT token issued with each purchase.

In collaboration with Montreal-based artist Sean Caruso, LOOK LABS will also be selling an edition-of-10 NFT of the fragrance. To create a digital version of the perfume, Look Labs recorded the molecular structure of the real scent using near-infrared stereoscopy, which is then represented in the NFT artwork in the form of spectrum data. The initial asking price on Rarible is just over $20,000, with the highest bid at $823.54.

The actual fragrance was developed with a master perfumer in Grasse, France. According to LOOK LABS, the scent was inspired by “sci-fi movies and a world in which technology, AI, and advanced scientific innovations are integrated parts of our daily lives,” and blends notes like sandalwood, pine needles, and juniper berries, among others. The bottle for Cyber Eau De Parfum incorporates a printed electronic label featuring a power button that lights up the logo in red when pressed, all of it made of ultra-light sustainable packaging.

While this might not be quite the “cyber” future that the likes of William Gibson had envisioned for us, perhaps it’s a step in that general direction. Putting novelty aside, as LOOK LABS founder Jordan Katzarov has noted, Cyber Eau Du Parfum is an attempt to melt the world of luxury, and disruptive technology together.

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