Prepare yourself for what is probably the most squirm-inducing video you'll ever see. Cut gathered five kids and their parents to discuss the one thing no one wants to talk to their parents about — sex.

A lot of the advice is what you'd expect a parent to tell you — "remember not to put sex above heart and spirit," "if you're in love you do it the right time, and the right person, you can't go wrong" — but it also gets a lot weirder too.

One dad instructs his son to "put your foot in it," which completely dumfounds him — until he tells him exactly what he means in excruciating detail. Another mother hints at her great one-night stands, and yet another tells her daughter to "make sure to always look pretty."

Watch the video above, but be warned, if you thought your parental sex talk was bad — this is another level.

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