Pornhub continues to expand outside the world of adult entertainment. This month, the website will release and host its first-ever non-porn movie, Shakedown, Variety reports.

The feature-length documentary from conceptual artist Leilah Weinraub takes a closer look at the queer women and men from the lesbian strip club scene in Los Angeles in the early 2000s. The film hails from the upper echelons of the art world and has previously been screened at the Whitney Museum and MoMA.

The project will feature a dedicated "home" section where people can watch the movie and chat about it. The aim of this virtual space is to allow people to be "alone, together." Weinraub will also make weekly appearances to have conversations with users.

The movie premieres on Pornhub today, March 4, and will stream on the site for free for the entire month of March before hitting broadcast on the Criterion Channel, and, finally, the iTunes store by summer. Check out the trailer below.

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