Rejected by major soccer clubs for being too small as a young boy, Antoine Griezmann has achieved a great deal despite the odds.

The French national soccer team star has scripted his own future and, at just 26 years old, he’s not yet reached his prime. To celebrate his journey up to now and his limitless potential, PUMA has teamed with Griezmann on a clothing collection and special Grizi Edition of the FUTURE soccer boots.

PUMA worked closely with Griezmann to ensure the boots sincerely reflect his character and play style. "I wanted a collection that looks like me," he explains during a brief meeting with him at PUMA HQ. "Simple and effective with colors that you can wear easily and feel comfortable in." The cat’s eyes and claw marks are both vital aspects of this, as are the eye-catching yellow features and silver upper. They all reflect his attacking instinct on the pitch and channel the three words he uses to describe the PUMA brand: fidelity, perseverance and performance.

The boot also makes multiple references to the star himself including the custom camo that appears on its upper and outsole. The pattern pays homage to places Griezmann cherishes—Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France and his home city of Mâcon—by integrating their silhouettes as they appear on a map. It's always been a dream of Griezmann's to design his own soccer boots, "since I was a kid I've said to myself, 'one day I'll have my own pair.' Now it's done, I'm delighted." It's no wonder then that he leaves his own personal mark on them. Further references to the star appear on the heel which features Griezmann’s many nicknames: Grizou, Tonie, Toinou, Le Petit Diable, El Principito and Grizi. And slightly more subtle allusions include his new logo and the number seven hidden within.

Alongside the boots, PUMA and Griezmann are launching a sportswear collection inspired by the pitch but designed for the streets. He explains that streetwear has an inherent appeal to him and he enjoys the opportunity to be playful with materials and style. Adorned with his custom camo, the range includes a track top, soccer jersey and training pants.

Before leaving PUMA HQ, we ask Grizi what he would like to include in a future collection if given the opportunity. He thinks for a second and replies, "a pair of sneakers." Oh, Antoine, you're such a tease.

Antoine Griezmann debuts his new boots this weekend. To find out more and shop everything from the collaboration, visit the link below.

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