If you've dared to delve into the sometimes-funny, often-blood-boiling world that plays out in the comments sections of viral Facebook posts recently, you've probably seen this little purple bird thrashing its head back and forth. Its name is Trash Dove, and it's coming to nibble on the remaining crumbs of genuine wit and conversation on the platform.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Trash Dove has appeared on the Facebook pages of many popular news and media organizations, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Verge, Business Insider, and, yes, even your very own Highsnobiety. The bird is from a recent Facebook sticker set by Syd Weiler called “Trash Doves,” which was released in late January before going viral in Thailand shortly afterwards.

Know Your Meme, the only real authoritative source on these matters, traces its viral origins back to a Facebook video of a dancing cartoon cat hanging out with the head-banging Trash Dove. Besides thrashing its head around, Trash Dove also enjoys eating bread, eating bread bowls, eating pizza, eating donuts — you get the picture.

Look out for Trash Dove coming to a comment section near you.

In other news, the Nokia 3310 is coming back.

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