The Roots drummer Questlove has revealed that Barack Obama once requested French Montana’s suggestive 2012 hit “Pop That” at a debaucherous White House party.

Questlove shared the story on the “Questlove Part 2” episode of Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast.

The Tonight Show bandleader had painstakingly compiled a 6-hour DJ set, which he had previously debuted at a Hamilton afterparty. Unfortunately, it wasn't landing with the White House's younger guests. In an effort to salvage his final White House party, Obama intervened mid-set, to make some presidential requests.

After the President said the younger attendees looked like they were in a sit-in, Questlove admitted “I became the DJ I hated. I’m like googling, let me go to Spotify see what kids are listening to. I became that guy, the guy I hate the most.”

He recalled, "[Obama’s] coming up to me like, ‘Do you have French Montana?’ And I’m like, ‘Sir! I don’t have the clean versions of that.’ He’s like, ‘We’re all adults here. Play it!’ I’m like, ‘Sir, I’m not gonna play "Pop that pussy, bitch, what ya twerkin’ wit"."

In the episode, Questlove compared the vibe of the White House party to Jim Belushi frat comedy Animal House, saying, “It was the most debaucherous [party]... They consider it the best night of their lives.”

Watch him address the incident on Kimmel last April.

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