Last night, a detailed exposé emerged from BuzzFeed News regarding accusations that R. Kelly is currently engaged in holding young women against their will in a cult-like scenario. Despite Kelly receiving multiple allegations (some of which went to trial) throughout his two-decade plus career in the spotlight, the news was nothing short of a bombshell.

In the hours since its release, the story has spread like wildfire, with various statements from both Kelly and the victims emerging in the wake of the news first breaking. Here’s a brief rundown of everything we know so far.

The BuzzFeed News Report

Written by Jim DeRogatis, the story is the culmination of a months-long investigation process. It reveals that Kelly has been accused of manipulating six different women in an atmosphere that can only be described as a “cult.” The family members of the young women currently residing in homes outside Atlanta and Chicago being rented by Kelly have sought the help of law enforcement for months but little can be done. All of the women are of legal age of consent and have continually insisted that nothing is awry, meaning that no official charges can be or have been filed towards Kelly.

The full details of the story are explicit and disturbing. Curious readers should direct their attention to the full article on BuzzFeed News right here.

Alleged Victims’ Family Press Conference

With the story made public, the family members of 21-year old Jocelyn Savage have taken their pleas for her safety to the media. Jocelyn’s father discusses the possibility of his daughter being subject to Stockholm Syndrome.

Jocelyn Savage’s Response

Shortly following her family’s press conference, Savage released a video to TMZ ensuring her well-being and that she had no wish to leave Kelly’s home. This is the exact kind of response all accounts have corroborated as coming out of the women involved in this situation.

R. Kelly’s Official Statement

Early this morning, R. Kelly’s legal representative Linda Mensch has released their first official statement, also obtained by TMZ, which is as follows:

“Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him. Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such accusations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

He has since been pressed again for comment, with no further response as of press time.

We will be updating this story as the situation develops.

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